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DCloud Platform

DCloud platform - your basis in world of microservices.

DCloud is Enterprise-Ready Platform for rapid microservice applications develoment. Any microservice application can be developed on the DCloud platform. MSA is a general approach to the design of backend systems, without any limitations.
DCloud Platform is a federation of kubernetes clusters, as the operating system uses CoreOS. DCloud platform integrates all its components into a single ecosystem, and also offers some type of workflow, administration, monitoring, proactive notifications and many other services.
Platform supports poliglot development. Despite the fact that we recommend our clients to work with Java / SpringCloud, micro services can also be implemented on Go. .NET, Python, and any other programming language. The platform is deployed fully automatically at all levels, from virtual machines to the platform itself and application software on it (libvirt/kvm, PXE, ansible, ignition, helm)

Human cloud

A special ​​ODuo Department (developer cloud) that spreads the ideas of cloud services to human activities

Stay ahead by choosing O'Duo to build custom software that appeals to the masses and will be kind to your budget. We have expertise in the following areas and we will gladly implement your project by taking on the statutory scopes of works for the full cycle:
- Analytics
- development
- implementation and support
Сoncentrate on your business tasks. Delegate the implementation of your projects to a team of highly motivated professionals. Pay for the amount of resources that you need. Flexibly scale your team. Manage the transparent agile/scrum development process by using checkpoints.

Investment products

In the arsenal of ODuo, there are projects open to investment.

O'Trader is a cloud-based intelligent bot for stock trading, that combines the best principles of machine learning from bioinspirated optimization methods to neural networks.
O'Router is a cloud service for solving various problems of transport logistics, such as VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem) cross-docking, etc. Also, the service is designed to optimize and automate the logistics processes in the enterprise.

Technology stack:

Latest Works

Our solutions have been used in large enterprises for many years
We have big experience in long-term projects and supporting.

Cloud-based accounting systems for professional accounting firms


Conversational bot to get to know about people around you.


Secure networking solutions to commercial enterprises, government agencies, etc.

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